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The Best Residential Fencing fora Large Dog

White fence in front of garden
You own a large dog, and you want your pet to be able to roam free in your yard, but you don't want them to be able to get out and roam the neighborhood. Some fences are better designed for keeping large pets contained than others.
Here is a guide to help you choose the right fencing for your large canine. Your fencing specialist will help you compare cost and installation methods of each recommended style to aid you in your decision.

Wooden Fence

There are three reasons why a wooden fence is ideal for containing your large dog. Explore the following to see if a wooden fence meets your needs:
Difficult to Escape
If your dog is a jumper or a climber, you need a flat-surface fence that doesn't provide a foothold. Wooden fences are hard to climb, making it easier to contain even the most stubborn dog.
Wooden fences block views of the world beyond your yard, giving your dog less of a reason to think of an escape, to begin with. Distractions like cars, other animals, or children are blocked from view with solid wood fencing, which helps to limit your dog's natural curiosity and need to roam.
Since a wooden fence is solid in design, people passing by will be less able to taunt your dog or call it over for petting since they can't reach through. Your large dog will also be less able to reach out to passing children and other animals, reducing the chances of accidentally harming someone or frightening a passerby unwittingly.

Wrought Iron Fence

Another fencing type to consider for your large dog is wrought iron. Wrought iron is attractive, durable, and is able to withstand many of your dog's attempts to escape. A few of the benefits to consider with wrought iron fencing for your dog include:
Durable Construction
Even if a wrought iron fence is entirely decorative in its design, it is still made of durable metal that is nearly impossible to tip over, take down, or escape through. This means your large dog will have few chances of escape. If your dog is a climber, install the fence vertically so that posts are hard to climb.
Open Views
If your dog is not disturbed by outside distractions or you want to be able to enjoy views beyond your yard, a wrought iron fence offers protection without blocking your views. There are many fence designs to choose from to best meet your needs and budget.
You can have the posts of your wrought iron fence designed with rounded or pointed tips to deter jumping. If your dog is a digger, you can have the fence lined with thick cement or decorative rock to keep your pet detained. Special gates with tamper-free latches can also be installed to prevent your dog from opening them by accident.
The type of fence that will work best for your property is largely dependent upon your dog's urgency to escape. If your dog is prone to act poorly around outside distractions like other dogs, then a wooden fence is ideal for your yard. If your dog is a keen escapee known to destroy everything in its path, then durable and tough wrought iron may be best.
As always, consult with your fencing contractor before beginning any fencing project in your yard. A professionally installed fence will last longer, be more attractive, and can ultimately be cheaper than trying to install the same materials yourself. The fencing experts at Alta Fence Co. will assist you in the choosing and installation of a fence for your yard.