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Fencing Ideas For A Contemporary House

Contemporary building styles feature diverse characteristics. Typically, the styles have clean lines with little ornamentation. Likewise, contemporary architects prefer natural materials. Modern architecture is a subset of this style. The emphasis here is on function and even minimalism. Modern style usually blends manufactured with natural materials.
When you have a contemporary style house, you'll want a fence that matches.

Wooden Fence

Wood is a classic material for any construction job. Fencing contractors usually use wood for making privacy fences. The standard privacy fence consists of planks attached vertically to rails. This style of fence works well with a contemporary home.

If you want a modern update on the privacy fence, consider having the planks attached horizontally. The contractors can even create a wave effect with the boards. The result is a pleasing effect of light and shadow, which adheres to the shape-driven characteristics of modern architecture. Contractors can also upgrade the fence with shelves and lights.

Vinyl Fencing

One of the newest materials for fencing is vinyl, and it's gaining in popularity because of its advantages. As the Landscaping Network points out, vinyl fencing requires little to no maintenance - you can spray it down with a hose. Vinyl is also very durable, never cracking, splintering, or splitting.
Vinyl fencing usually resembles wood. The panels come in similar privacy and picket constructions as if you had a wooden fence built. Therefore, you could install vinyl fencing in one of the above styles. Another contemporary option is having the rails and pickets be different colors. For instance, you could have white posts and rails encompassing brown pickets.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is a historical material, but advances in manufacturing have given it a contemporary spin. Instead of hand-wrought pieces, modern wrought iron is manufactured of steel or aluminum tubes. This construction gives the fencing the sleek styling that fits with contemporary architecture.
When choosing wrought iron for your modern house, stay away from the ornamentation. Instead, opt for straight rails and pickets. If you need the finials for added security, choose a plain spear style. Otherwise, consider having the top of your wrought iron fence finished with a double rail. You can even have circles included between the rails, which adds another pleasant shape.

Chain Link Fencing

On the other end of the spectrum, chain link fencing is one of the most modern types. As a bonus, it also tends to be budget-friendly. For a modern house, you could emphasize the shapes in the fencing by choosing chain link that's either coated with vinyl or powder-coating to make it black.
Because of the natural element in contemporary design, you have a couple of different options with chain link fencing. One is to choose a chain link fence that's green, brown, or another naturalistic color so that it fades into the background. Conversely, you could mix materials, say have the posts and rail made out of wood with the chain link strung in between.

Cable Rail Fence

A cable rail fence is very attractive for either style of house if you don't need a tall fence. The fence typically consists of cable wires strung between posts with a rail on top. For a modern fence, you would probably choose metal for the posts and rail. Cable rail mixes especially well with wood or wood-look posts and railing. This construction would complement a contemporary house.
Either way, the beauty of this type of fencing is two-fold. One, the posts and rail create regular squares, which speaks to modern design. Two, the cable rails virtually disappear in the sightline. This transparency allows the view to show through, especially if you omit the top rail.
Let your fence complement your contemporary or mod-style house. Alta Fence Co. can help you match your fence style to your house.