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Classic Fencing Options for Your Cottage-Style Home

Owning an early-style cottage home is a luxury, and you want to keep the essence of your property's design as pure as possible. A classic fence around your home is one way to bring out the natural allure of the stonework and delicate designs that make up your home's charm.

Wooden and ornate wrought iron fencing styles are ideal for your cottage-style home. Discover different applications of both wood and wrought iron fences, and discuss your options with your fencing contractor.


Wooden fences are commonly made of cedar and other wood species that are resistant to rot. For your cottage, you will want to leave the wood unpainted, but staining your wooden fence to bring out natural grains is ideal for added curb appeal.

Picket Fence 
A picket fence is a short fence that is more decorative than it is secure. If you want to fence your property for aesthetic reasons and don't want to hide the beauty of your landscape, choose a picket fence (in varying post heights for charm) for your yard's project. Picket fences are typically three or four feet high. 

Classic Fence 
A classic wood fence has slats installed close together to create privacy and security in a yard. Speak with your fencing contractor about available fence heights in your area.

Latticework Fence 
This type of ornamental wood fencing uses several thin strips of wood to create a weave-like panel. This charming wooden fence style is ideal for smaller yards and creates a sturdy barrier for plants to climb, adding charm to your cottage home.

Ornamental Wrought Iron 

Wrought iron fencing is extremely durable, flexible, and available in a variety of styles and designs. While this fencing doesn't offer much privacy, it does offer ample security as the fence is very hard to destroy or climb over (especially if you choose spear pickets for your posts).
Varying-Heights Fence 
Ornamental wrought iron fencing is installed in a simple manner: vertical posts extend from horizontal support posts. To give your ornamental fence dimension, your fencing installation expert will install vertical posts that extend at various heights for a dipping, wavelike effect.

Straight-Edge Fence 
A streamlined approach to ornamental wrought iron fencing is having all vertical posts have a straight edge at the same height. This type of fencing is pleasing in its simplicity.

Ornamental Pickets 
The tips of your fence's pickets can be designed in almost any fashion. Arrow-shaped pickets are among the most popular styles, although you can choose rounded, squared, or other styles of picket toppers to give your ornamental wrought iron fence unique appeal.

Now that you understand the different styles of wood and wrought iron fences, consider your budget. Wooden fences cost around $9 to $15 per foot to install, depending on the fence height you choose. Wrought iron fences are more costly at around $20 to $30 per square foot to install.

Prices vary on each fencing style depending on the size of your yard and custom installations, including ornate gates. Your fencing contractor will give you an estimate for fencing installation when they come to your home.

Adding a fence around your cottage-style home adds curb appeal and helps give your landscape an organized appearance. You have many other styles of fence to consider for your home as well, including aluminum, chainlink, and vinyl fencing; speak to your contractor to compare all options before making a final decision.

The right fence will make your cottage home even more alluring. Allow our fencing experts at Alta Fence Co. to design you a custom or classic fence for your property. Call us today to schedule an appointment; we will come to your home to give you a custom quote for your fence installation.