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5 Indicators That a Fence Will Benefit Your Front Yard

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For many homeowners, installing a fence in the backyard is the natural thing to do. However, front-yard fences convey the same benefits as their backyard counterparts, particularly privacy and security. They can also add beauty to your property.
Below are five indicators that a front-yard fence will benefit your property.

1. You Have Children or Pets Entering Your Life

When you have children or adopt pets, you naturally want to keep them safe. If the possibility exists that they will get outside via the front door, you may want to consider a front-yard fence. You may also want to consider a front-yard fence if you regularly have visitors who have children or pets.
The level of protective fencing you need depends on your house's locale. If you live in a quiet neighborhood, a picket fence with pointed finals and thick slats may be sufficient. For homes near busy streets, iron or privacy fencing may be more appropriate.

2. Your Neighborhood Has Busy Streets Nearby

In that vein, another good indicator that your house could benefit from a front-yard fence is the presence of a busy street in the vicinity. This street could be the one that runs in front of your house or the one that connects to your street. Either way, nearby streets will create both auto and foot traffic. A fence will keep your front yard secure.
If you don't have children or pets to worry about, you may choose a decorative fence for this situation. Indeed, picket and wrought-iron fences come in a variety of styles that can enhance the beauty of your yard without making it feel closed off. Yet they will still keep foot traffic off your property.

3. Neighborhood Animals Dirty Your Lawn

Depending on the location of your house, you may be more worried about animal visitors. These animals might be wild creatures from a neighboring field or pets that have been let off the leash. Either way, if they get into your landscaping, they can cause damage.
Smaller animals won't be deterred by picket fences. Therefore, many homeowners opt for chain-link fencing, perhaps with wooden or iron posts to add beauty. You can also use metal fencing with narrow spaces between pickets to keep animals at bay.

4. You Have a Front Porch or Patio

Fences don't just create a delineation between spaces. Depending on the style you choose, a fence can also afford you privacy. This privacy is ideal if you want to use a front-yard porch or patio. You're unlikely to feel secure if passersby can ogle you while you're enjoying your outdoor space.
Privacy fences were designed for this exact eventuality. However, privacy fences do completely close off your front yard. You can solve this problem by incorporating lattice screens. However, you might also want to devise a system of fencing and landscaping that produces beauty as well as privacy. For instance, you can have a shorter fence installed and use dense foliage to add height.

5. You Want More Curb Appeal

Fencing can also bestow beauty on your property as its main function. If this is your goal, you'll likely want your fence to be lower and more open than one used for security or privacy. Likewise, you'll want to incorporate your fence with the landscaping.
Picket fences are a natural for this style of fence. Picket fencing comes in a variety of styles and tops, so you can customize the look to your preferences. Likewise, wrought-iron fencing is an upscale addition that adds value to your home as well as curb appeal. Wrought iron is especially appropriate for historical styles of houses. It also carries almost infinite customization options.
Before starting any front-yard fencing project, take a walk around your neighborhood and talk to your neighbors about the shared community of your block. After all, you want to make sure that your neighbors will be all right with your new installation. When you do decide to fence in your front yard, let Alta Fence Co. construct an attractive and useful installation. Contact us today.