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5 Advantages of Mixed-Media Fencing

Green Chain Link Fence
The perception sometimes is that you must choose a single fencing material, such as wood. However, when you're having a fence built around your property, you have many choices in material, including the option to mix materials. Mixing materials in fencing conveys many benefits.
1. Quality Materials Add Value to Budget Materials
Certain materials, such as chain-link, are considered budget options because they're easy on the wallet. However, such materials have their own value, such as being durable and low-maintenance. You can make such materials feel more upscale by blending them with luxurious materials.
For instance, contractors often recommend framing chain-link fences in wood. Instead of aluminum posts, they start with wooden posts and caps. Indeed, the caps are one area where you can add ornamentation. The contractors can also add top and bottom rails that frame the chain-link panels. You can also upgrade the rail styles for further beauty.
2. Sturdier Mediums Bolster Flexible Materials
Going along with the same example, chain-link is a flexible material. It's a metal weave that contractors unroll and fasten to posts. Over time, the top of the fence can sag while the bottom buckles. When you add the wooden framing, though, you get the sturdiness of the wood to help the chain-link hold its shape.
You can achieve a similar effect with vinyl. By itself, vinyl fencing can also buckle over time. However, you can combine vinyl with metal or stone. For instance, the contractors can lay stone posts with a half wall spanning in between and top the wall with vinyl fencing. They can also frame the vinyl in metal, similar to framing chain-link with wood. Both options make vinyl sturdier.
3. Separate Mediums Convey Their Own Advantages
Along the same lines, each fencing material has its own unique benefits. Below are some examples:
  • Wood: decorative, high-end, customizable
  • Wrought iron: high-end, highly customizable, durable
  • Brick: high-end, sturdy, private
  • Chain-link: low-maintenance, budget-friendly, customizable
  • Vinyl: low-maintenance, durable, attractive
When you mix materials, you get benefits from both.
For example, both brick and wrought iron are used to make luxury fences. Wrought iron is more customizable than straight brick because you have so many choices in ornamentation, pickets, and finials. However, brick conveys more privacy and sound buffering. With a brick-wrought iron fence, you get more customization along with better privacy and sound buffering.
4. Use of Mixed Materials Changes Profile Characteristics
Each material tends to lend itself to a certain fence style. For example, brick is often used for privacy. Wrought iron is used for security. Wood can be used for privacy or security, but it can also be mostly decorative, as with picket fences. Chain-link conveys security and property demarcation.
Mixing materials allows you to change the typical profile of that material. For example, if you have a brick privacy fence installed, you wall in your property. You can open up the wall with wrought iron panels. You can get a similar effect with wooden privacy fencing and laser-cut metal panels.
5. Mixed-Medium Fences Offer More Design Options
Beyond changing the characteristic profile of a given material, mixing mediums simply gives you more design options than sticking with a single material. Indeed, your imagination is your only limit.
Just deciding to mix brick with metal gives you numerous design options. You can keep it classic with red brick and black wrought iron. You can make the look more homespun with white wrought iron. Ornamented iron in bowed panels conveys a cottage appeal. Replacing wrought iron with laser-cut metal creates a modern profile.
When you mix fencing materials, you end up with a custom creation that lends a unique character to your property. Consider mixed-media fences to reap the benefits of both materials used. Alta Fence Co. can design and install the ideal mixed-media fence for your property.